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LittleRed offers unique, meaningful experiences that allow you to unwind from everyday life and slow down long enough to reconnect with the environment and people around you. Our mission is to help you feel in control and for you to leave our experiences feeling refreshed and rebalanced.

Our Retreats

Lady Days: Women's Empowerment weekend
MiPodere: Unwind, reflect and reconnect in Italy (1 week & weekend options)

Meet the team

At the moment everything is on hold due to Covid. If you're interested in future retreats as an individual or as a company, find out more below and get in touch.

Claudia & Vicky

These two community gals met in London whilst supporting the flourishing tech startup scene. They both left the big smoke behind to "digital nomad" it and as part of the adventure discovered a shared passion for creating meaningful experiences in incredible locations. In 2018 they ran their first retreat, MiPodere, an Italian getaway for London burnouts, and subsequently LittleRed was born.

Vicky loves to cook (and eat!), up-cycle (no bikes involved) and sing. You can often find her geeking out over some obscure experience she’s found… like circus training in the jungle or silent sculpting.

Making friends everywhere she goes, Claudia loves dressing up fabulously but is equally happy wrapped in blankets, with a glass of wine and a good book. Oh and her philosophy in life is, “when in doubt, use a Dumbledore gif.”

Lady Days

A women-only experience that aims to empower through creativity & self-reflection.

"Above and beyond my expectations! I have gained focus, determination and inner peace from just 7 days"
Ellie, LittleRed guest 2018

What's Involved

Together we leave behind the busy real world, for a weekend of play, pampering and pause for thought.

At Lady Days we'll start outside, both figuratively and literally, getting to know each other and our surroundings. Through workshops, discussion, games, food and friendship we'll work our way deeper, illuminating and reflecting the beautiful, powerful, vulnerable, complicated women we all are.

Lady Days is open to anyone aged 18+ that identifies as female. We embrace the full spectrum of womanhood - if you feel you belong at an experience that is "ladies only", then you are welcome.

Early Bird Prices

Private Double (limited availability) £1700 £1500 each
Shared Double (must be booked in pairs) £1300 £1100 each
Shared Single (maximum 4/room) £1180 £980 each

The early bird prices give you £200 off!
There are limited early bird tickets available after which prices will rise. Register your interest above to be the first to hear when tickets go live.

We will be staying in the gîte - pictured above - where there are a mix of double rooms with shared bathrooms, and two dorm rooms that have four single beds and an ensuite bathroom. All rooms are gorgeous, comfortable and have been designed to a high standard.

*there is the option to stay for a few more days if you want - just let us know)

Want more retreat options?
Settle into the comforts of a Tuscan autumn at MiPodere.

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lady days itinerary

Arrive on Monday, 29th April, at your leisure. Settle in and enjoy a special welcome dinner at the Chateau.

Radiant Positivity
Today Denise Mortimer takes the lead teaching us about Positive Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming. We'll workshop together in the morning and for those that want to book additional one-on-one sessions there will be some time in the afternoon and following day, to focus on your specific needs.

Time for a bit of reflection on our experience. Whilst trying our hand at self-portrait, we'll discuss what we've learnt, what we've felt, and we'll take a moment to consider the women we aspire to be moving forward.

In the evening we will enjoy a delicious banquet to finish off our week.

On Sunday morning enjoy a lazy breakfast and one last walk & before it's time to go home* feeling refreshed and empowered.

Environment & Community
On Tuesday we will explore the beautiful 19th century Chateau & surrounding estate in a long lazy morning walk. In the afternoon we'll take time to get to know each other, with a few gorgeous surprises.

Today we will look at the role of first impressions & appearance and consider what judgements we make about others. Through dressing up (oh yes), a fun photoshoot and a girly pamper session, we'll revisit our younger selves and reflect on the women we've become.

Touch and feel
What better way to understand how we're feeling than to literally invoke the senses? Thursday starts with yoga to get you in tune, then listen, feel, smell & taste your way through the day.

"I spent a great week with the loveliest people, had fun, learned stuff, then just stood still and managed to not feel guilty about it. Am curious to see what they come up with next."
Cansu, LittleRed guest 2018

Mi Podere

Mi Podere is a week long Italian retreat to remind you of the finer things in life.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year in Italy; the summer heat has burnt out leaving behind sunny days and pleasant evenings. All around you families are getting the olive harvest in and there is nothing more delightful than enjoying a glass of local wine whilst watching the sunset.

Unwind, reflect and reconnect.

"Mi Podere really gave me a new perspective on my life: time to relax and focus on me. I met some incredible people but also had enough time to focus alone. "
Jen, MiPodere guest 2018

What's Involved

MiPodere gives you the perfect environment to relax and unwind in the Italian countryside. Throughout the week there will be group activities such as cooking with a local, a vineyard tour with wine tasting, and a painting class with a Florentine artist.

There will also be plenty of time for you to sleep, read, visit the local village for a fresh Italian coffee and get to know your fellow Poderini (the nickname we give all our guests!)

We encourage you to share your talents. If you want to lead a yoga class, there is plenty of lawn and we have mats. If you're a writer why not offer to do a reading by the fire after dinner?

This relaxed, autumn, Italian retreat is open to anyone aged 18+ and suitable for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends.

Mini MiPodere

Mini Mi Podere is for those that can't quite justify a full week's holiday but want the chance to unwind in Tuscany. Bring a good book, help pick olives, learn to cook with Nonna, take in the amazing views with paint brush and canvas. Eat well, sleep well and enjoy the good company of others. Thursday - Sunday

What's Included

6 nights accommodation* in a traditional Italian Podere
Transfer from airport to Podere San Giorgio
All meals, prepared with locally sourced ingredients
Painting lesson with Florentine artist
Pizza out at local restaurant (including a glass of wine or soft drink)
Cooking lesson with Nonna
Local Vinyard tour & tasting

What's Not Included

Flights to/from Pisa
Taxi from Pisa centre to airport for return journey

Early Bird Prices

Private Double (limited availability) - £1100 £1000 each
Shared Double (must be booked in pairs) - £950 £850 each
Shared Single (maximum 2/room) - £850 £750 each

There are limited early bird tickets available after which prices will rise.

Mini MiPodere
Private Double (limited availability) - £800 £700 each
Shared Double (must be booked in pairs) - £700 £600 each
Shared Single (maximum 2/room) - £650 £550 each

The early bird prices will give you £100 off!
There are limited early bird tickets available after which prices will rise. Register interest above to be the first to hear when tickets go live.

*there is the option to arrive a few days early to enjoy the space and tranquillity that Chateau de la Salle has to offer - let us know if you're interested.

Can't wait until October? Check out Lady Days happening in France this spring.

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MiPodere Itinerary

Arrive Monday, settle in and enjoy a special welcome dinner.

For a change of scene we'll head off in search of a local vineyard to learn about the wine making process and enjoy a lunch and tasting.

Enjoy your last day at Podere San Giorgio. We have found that by this point you'll be happiest left to your own devices. In the past people have self-led yoga and mediation sessions, walked into the village or spent some time for self-reflection.

In celebration of Da Vinci we will exhibit your art work, raise a glass and share our "last supper" together.

After check out we'll drive you to Pisa where you can enjoy the day at your leisure before catching your flight home.

After breakfast we'll head to the olive groves for a tour and if the season times itself well, we can help with the harvest. Learn the tricks of the trade, & possibly some Italian along the way. At lunch you'll be treated to oil fresh from the press & a glass (or two) of local wine. In the afternoon learn the traditional Italian card game, Scopa, or take some time for yourself.

Mid-morning a Florentine artist will run a painting class where you'll capture the rolling Tuscan hills in your own unique style. The afternoon is yours to enjoy & in the evening we'll head out to a local restaurant for probably the best pizza you've ever had.

Enjoy a lazy morning; read, write or walk into the local village to grab a real Italian coffee. After lunch you'll learn to cook with a local Nonna and enjoy your creations for dinner before movie night.


For any enquiries get in touch with [email protected]

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